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Friday, January 13, 2012

Problem solving skills for the future

I love giving a room full of students the same assignment and getting a room full of different pictures! I uncover their diversity. This assignment was a riddle of sorts- how to visualize 21 circles- all with a range of different lines as edges, and two-thirds painted shades of grey. Four with patterns. Only one color. And framed with one circle encroaching the edge. There are multiple ways to solve every problem. Art class is a safe place to try it. As we continue the semester I hope they get a bit braver. The assignments will get more complex, and their investment will get richer.
Did I tell you I love my job? I'm training creative problem solvers who will make great future soldiers, peacemakers, politicians, scientists, parents, and explorers...
(please don't burst my bubbles!)
This is my middle school art class.
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