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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Can we paint the begining?

I am part of this year's Palmer Trinity book club, reading Journey through the Universe. Each one of us is to do weekend research on the previous chapter, and bring something to the table. I am stunned by the big bang theory as it pertains to dark matter. The Universe only gets light and transparent after contraction and collision creates a light source. As it is, scientists believe we only see less than one half of one percent of what is out there. We are blind. Our eyes do not see. I feel really handicapped...and humbled.
It's all about vibrations- perhaps there is a sound. Many sounds? Music?
So how do I possibly try to paint it?
Also, on my own, I am reading The River of Grass by Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and studying the wildflowers of the Everglades. Unfortunately, I see my canvas looking more like a flower than a cosmic reality. But is it there, the essence and echo of our lives?
Here is a beginning... I can't say this painting is a "daily painting'... it's a theme that will take me much longer than a single day to capture. Once I passed the perfect, initial, gestural moment and muddied the painting waters, I became committed to figuring this out further.
Downstairs Micheal yells up to see what I am doing and I yell back, "I'm painting the cosmos!" And that kind of ends his inquiry.
9 x 9 inch canvas
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