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Friday, January 6, 2012

Show me the money, Find yourself a job

Slap me some Cabbage. That's the motivation for setting alarms, rising in the dark morning after half a nights sleep. Not all motives, not everyday, are pure. I could just as easily sleep a few more hours and then stare at dust motes in the sunshine all afternoon. But a paycheck is nice. I am so fortunate to have a job. We all know people looking for work, wondering how to pay their next bill. Every intersection along the Dixie Highway One has panhandlers. And I know... but for the grace of God go I.
This is a sewn paper patchwork painting, about 21 x 21 inches, made out of painted grocery store receipts and coupons.

Get A New Job or New Year’s Luck in 2012

There is a legend that if you wish something on a New Year Day then your dream will definitely come true. The upcoming year 2012 is a leap year and it has one more day than the current year so it makes it special. So it means you will have one day more to find a job! In fact it is not much, but this day may be a crucial one in your career and you will find the job of your dream in the upcoming year. All you have to do is to wish to find a new job and start searching it.

There are many resources where you can search jobs. But there is one, recently brought to my attention, that can simplify your job searching process. The name of it is Jooble.
What is Jooble? Jooble is a job search engine and it operates in 48+ countries around the world. The work of the service is very simple. With the help of Jooble you may search jobs across the whole world as well as across the United States. You might find yourself on an adventure like me... I am so happy to have found my New York self in Miami at a great job.

Just Jooble to find your dream job in just few clicks in the upcoming year!
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