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Friday, January 20, 2012

Plant Material...

in myth, energy and structure. This is a piece I was able to put together this week between classes. I love the landscape where I am working- it is lush and full of interesting species of plants like this fern tree. I walk by it about 6 times a day on my way to and from my classroom, the teachers lounge and the cafeteria. It is decorated with blue and yellow ribbons in honor of the Japanese earthquake victims. Feeling like it needed something, I painted in one of great (x15) grand-daddy Lucas Cranach's Eve. She's holding an orange's Florida?
I thought to call it "Temptation in the schoolyard" but maybe that's too sinister sounding.
I AM tempted to document many more of the plants surrounding me... tonight I picked up a floppy orange flower bud that had dropped near my car--- it's crimson crepe edges lined with a delicate bright yellow line, and the flower's base split to feature an additional growth, is it a shell?, protruding like a comical olive nose! Don't know what it is- but it fell from a huge tree.
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