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Thursday, October 17, 2013

full moon to full moon

So here we are at the next full moon since I re-started blogging. Though I say I am not sure what I expected, I feel pretty crummy (so I do know what I expected!). I am slightly dissapointed in myself. Many days these last four weeks I couldn't paint. And much of what I painted was "painting lite". I guess I thought I'd be painting large paintings to make a difference, give me a clue, channel God and a message, or, at least, light a fire in a corner of a world. The reality is much more mundane; much more minor keyed. I've maybe painted about 20 little doodles- I say "about" number because many paintings I did in my classes as a demo and never photographed, or I threw in the mail to my sons or friends. Busy busy busy.
Just as I feel like a loser, I take a moment to encourage a friend to celebrate the way she got close to a goal. I tell her it is in trying we find ourselves. Perfection is elusive, but the present moment is the moment, the gift... I should treat myself with the same kindness.
Here are pictures of three murals I worked on at a local yoga studio, the Yoga Warrior.

 The Sanskrit "Om" and the yoga warrior in the waves I painted back in June
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