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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trunk with super hero capes is missing

It almost breaks my heart that, on a day that the school attire is to be "super hero" themed, I can't find my cape. We used to have a trunk with tons--- assorted lengths and materials. Some were silky and shiny and others more fuzzy and felty. Most were black, but a few were red, and there was even, if I recall correctly, a purple one. I took it for granted that a cape was all I would need and that I had one at hand.
Then, in the morning I realized the trunk with the capes is NOT in Miami, it is in NY! It's not here! It is not here. My children, who the trunk really belonged to, are not here either. They have gone out the door to do their super hero work in the real world.

The best I can do is pose in my classroom door

I painted this small watercolor referencing a photo of the landscape over Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where my youngest superhero now studies.
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