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Monday, October 14, 2013

Palm Beach in and out of waters

Saturday night we ate outside, at a 92 year old restaurant called Testa's, with a table of 15 relatives. Cousins and kids all vied to tell the latest story. My uncle (Super Jack) sat at the head of the table and smiled softly at all of us. When I spoke to him, squatting by his side and his good ear, his eyes teared up in pure joy to hear how happy and healthy my family is. It was a loud event, followed by a perfect day spent on the sand. Michael survived swimming with the bait fish (something we are told you are never ever to do), and I enjoyed his company in a leisurely way. I think reading the New York Sunday Times together, no phone or computer near by, is luxury.
Bonnie and Troy had a perfect wedding and a wonderful band. I am only now recovering from all the dancing and late hours.
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