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Monday, October 21, 2013

Pain, Poetry and imbalance on Miami Highway

Balance...How quickly it can go. Each day, each minute, can be different.
This is painted on plaster on scrap of cardboard. It is a medium I find intriguing with all the exposure I get these days to intersection signage. All along the Dixie Highway (route 1) I come across stories printed in black ink on cardboard. "Hungry. Out of work. Please help", "God bless you Please feed me","Trying to save for my Ferrari", "Just had a baby, help me keep her. No job no money." "I'm a Vet with cancer". The homeless raise up these signs in hopes to tug at heartstrings and shake a few dollars out of each car. I don't always have change, and as I sit at a light in the car- windows up and a.c. on- I feel forced to be audience to their theater. Drama. It's out on the streets and everywhere.
What if I joined them? Held up my signs... "need a pedicure", "so tired...", "can you hear me now", "who do I blame?" I have made a stack of them:

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