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Friday, October 25, 2013

Pool Postcard for Snowbirds

It's near the end of October- which means many things if you live in Miami. There is STILL a week of music in the air with the Frost sponsored events at the University of Miami. You may have missed the Chinese and the Caribbean festivals and the Coconut Grovetoberfest, but, at the end of the month, all those poor heavily costumed sign-holding people along US 1 in front of pop-up Halloween stores can come back inside! The muggy weather is breaking not a moment too soon. Clouds are clearing... Could it be the end of hurricane season and the beginning of the bird migration? The big black vultures are already filling a path across the skies. We are entering a moment of suspension. Artists, museums and curators are closing their doors, (in order to fling them open the first week of December, coinciding with Party Miami Basel). I tried scheduling a class field trip to a museum or a collection and have found most every art institution between Homestead and Jupiter are closed ALL November in order to install their December party face. Crazy but true. So, there's the pool...It beckons and it's always open. Watercolor on paper.
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