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Friday, October 4, 2013

Some things are perfect for Florence

... Never again will I try to teach fresco painting in Miami. What was I thinking?! We only have 45 minute long classes, so that alone must have meant the option was out...but! I figured (with my faulty math) that my art history class could come early and stay late and I even emailed teachers on either side of their schedules for permission to keep them longer...It could have worked, but the weather! We were hit with torrential rains, flooding the patio, seeping into the room... record amounts of moisture in the air! I rushed to my classroom at dawn and slathered the plaster on the panels praying they'd be ready and dry to the touch by noon. Though the kids may have been disappointed not doing the plaster part, they did enjoy the pouncing and painting. It wasn't a total fiasco, but we should have been in Florence.
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