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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Working for my salary

I raised the bar so high for the kids, I am exhausted. In just one day I pushed five classes, and an advisory, on separate creative missions. I had faculty pose, I had easels set up in the mango grove, I had drawing boards in the garden, I had senior students doing self portraits, and advisory decorating my class door... I can hardly walk, talk or think anymore today!
Did two sample pieces of my own as well....This painting I did as a quick sketch of them in the butterfly garden. Try to emphasize mood with light and dark.
This painting I did in a 25 minute demo of how to map in the head and features. Push, push, push, my seniors to quit moaning, let go the fear, and get it down on canvas

 And here we go... from 8 am to 4pm!!!! when is rained we painted the central courtyard from under awnings.

It is pretty amazing I get paid for this!
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