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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Where do Pineapples come from?

Some restore themselves with a tropical drink at 5. Others with a walk through a park.
Wandering through the Fairchild Botanical Gardens, I inhale the fresh oxygen and soak up the plant energy through my feet, my eyes, and my breath. It's a wonderful place that seems miles away from the city of Miami. I feel like I am on an island in the Caribbean, one rich with a variety of palms, lizards, butterflies, and fragrances. Lucky for me it is just down the road from my apartment.
Every time I visit I see something new. Right now is the season of pineapples, and for once I am lucky enough to see them almost ripe on their stalks. I remember my uncle Freddy taking me to a house, on the way to his mother's in Haiti, that had an approach lined with spiky short bushes, and he explained to me that they were what pineapples came from. I found it, at the time, hard to picture. So this one is for my uncle Freddy in heaven.
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