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Saturday, October 26, 2013

wandering in watercolor

So many things vie for my attention this morning... the foliage bristles with activity, and, seeing both berries and flowers and dead branches, I realize I haven't yet fathomed the how the seasons flow in the south. My assorted neighbors bump into me in the laundry room and along the communal paths, and, like the windows across the way from my view, they avoid all eye contact. Clouds skitter and tumble overhead, together, to the east, turning both yellow and purple, and making me wonder what is going on over the everglades. Used to be, I spent this time, these Saturday mornings, on the road cutting through storms on my way to St. Pete. But right now, right here, it is sunny. A few residents tip toe quietly around the pool. Someone turns on music in a nearby apartment. My focus comes back to the pool almost too late for it to be included in the composition of this watercolor postcard.

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