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Monday, October 7, 2013

Looking for the reset button

Sunday was a day I sort of shut down and checked out... Started with yoga in the park. When the instructor Peter was not looking I sort of spaced out on the birds in the trees. Afterwards Michael and I took a walk to a local bakery for breakfast. I ate a chocolate croissant ... then, when I should have painted, I packed for the beach. Splurged on a bag of ruffle potato chips. If I was going to be lazy and unproductive I figured why not go the whole chips and chocolate... people watch and ignore the narratives I am supposed to be writing for work.

Once we got home, Michael made Puttanesca. My godson, such a young sweet guy, in town for an engineering gig on south beach, came for dinner and he brought fresh snapper fillets from his morning fishing excursion. The whole day was filling in a non painting way.
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